Progress Maybe

Published Wednesday, 03 Feb 2016 at 7:42 PM by Steven Aquino

It's 2016...  like, now!

The new year is officially in full swing.  It's the time for resolutions and new beginnings. 

This year is off to an interesting start for me.  So far I've managed to release an iOS game on the App Store, secure a "regular" job making a decent amount more than my previous employment, and make steady progress on IBBR.  I'm starting to realize why so many fail at indie game development: they give up.  However I feel an unmoving resolve to complete what I've started and start what I've intended, and for all intents and purposes IBBR is both of those things.

Video games are truly the art of our generation, the 90's kids with low hopes and even lower expectations striving for purpose in a world rife with conflict and confusion.  Few things in this world offer such engaging narratives built around and within breathtaking landscapes and curious characters, all backed by epic scores of perserverence and triumph.  And less face it: when it comes down to it, video games are about having fun.  You won't get too far in this life without fun, and there's not much point in "playing the game" if you aren't going to enjoy it.

So today I announce my plans for 2016 and officially commit to writing my intentions:

1. Complete and release Infinity Big Bang Robot

"Complete" is a somewhat loaded term because software is never "done", and games are no exception.  But in one way or other, IBBR v1 will be a thing, and people will play it.  I can't wait to get some gameplay footage together and share the awesomeness!

2. Release more levels for Flick Odyssey

This game is small, and decidedly so, but that doesn't mean it can't grow!  I've got big ambitions for what this game could be, but expect 5 more levels very soon.

3. Have more fun

This is probably the most important one on the list, but also sometimes the hardest.  How do you take a hobby to the professional level without losing the special sauce that made it appealing to begin with?  The answer is always the same: have fun.  I've taken the pressure off myself by getting a full time job, so now I don't have to stress timelines for budget's sake.  That being said, I still want to share my game with the world and not keep it locked in obscurity forever.  Either way, I find that I've made much better progtess simply following what's fun.  Maybe I feel like rigging up a new model and making it come to life, so I can spend a few days doing that.  Maybe I'm really excited about this alogrithm I came up with to power the enemy spawn system, so I can jump to that and hack for a while.  Just following what feels good, but still making progress - that's the key to success in this life no matter what you do.