Game Development Meetup SF

Published Thursday, 19 Nov 2015 at 10:51 AM by Steven Aquino

The Perks of City Life

I just love living in San Francisco, and there's lots of reasons why.  For one thing, it's absolutely filled with people engrossed in technology, for better or worse.  But if you're pursuing a career in technology, this is a great place to be and a great time to be here.

A perfect example of why is the monthly Game Development Meetup (check out their page on here).  With over 3,500 members and an amazing location at the Mariot Marquis on Mission St, its easy to get stoked about making video games.

I attended for the first time on Tuesday, and I had a blast.  Walking into the beautiful hotel, I was instantly greeted by the buzz and shimmer of the city.  Groups of all ages clamoring to get a word in excited conversations about technology and business, it was awesome.  At a table near the bar I instantly spotted the group of indie gamers - the Mario t-shirt gave them away.  What started as a handful of people quickly grew to several large groups of gamers, passionately sharing their projects and ambitions about the future.  I found myself immersed in a very diverse group of all ages and backgrounds, some making games full time and others still dreaming of making the leap, but all very excited about the art of making games.


I learned a lot, met a lot of folks, and hopefully inspired some to pursue their passions.  We live in a very interesting and exciting time where many people are not purising the life they want, but technology is enabling it for more and more people.  It's only natural for society to evolve with the changes that advances in technology brings, and I believe very strongly that part of that is enabling more time for human creativity.  It's so true with the tools available today.  Our team is taking full advantage of Unreal Editor 4, making great strides towards humble goals that will ultimately create a unique gaming experience on par, more or less, with many large, commercial games today.  And that's just one example...

All in all, this meetup got me super excited about our game.  I think one advantage indie game developers have is that we're closer to our audience - in fact we are our audience a lot of times.  We can create games that really meet the needs and desires of the people playing them by creating a niche following.  Large corporate machines can't afford one on one relationships with all their customers, but smaller developers can really get a good feedback loop going and build a strong community from the ground up.  This community will become a following of loyal players that are passionate about your games and provide a solid backbone for growth.